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Summer is here - the busiest time of the year for bees! Everyone is working hard on nest maintenance, food production, and caring for the young!

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Swarm Removal

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Rescue and Rehoming

Live Honeybee rescue and removal. We love our Honeybees at Punk Rock Ranch! We specialize in the safe, life removal and rehoming of honeybees. 

Our customized equipment and tools offer those amazing little insects the best chance to thrive after relocation.

Whether you have a bee problem or just want to connect with fellow beekeepers, call us today!

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Our Mission

We aim to share our love of Beekeeping and to educate others about what an essential part of life Bees are every day in every way!

Our Farm

Mentone, California is where we call home.

If you've ever bought raw local honey on the way back from Big Bear then you might have already tasted our farm fresh honey! 

Our Products

You can find our Products at the nearby Redlands Visitors center on 5th Street and will find us at some local markets:

Saturday: County Line Road, Yucapia (8am to noon)

Sunday: Green Space Nursery, 13180 Bryant Street, Yucapia (8am to 1pm)